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MN171 - Sinking Funds

Sale price$18.00 CAD

Size Chart

Feel free to send us a photo of your planner rings to confirm the sizing. 


Size MM In Style Ring Spacing mm  Ring Set Spacing mm 
A5 148 x 210 6 Rings 19  70
Personal 95 x 171
6 Rings
19  50
Pocket 81 x 120
6 Rings
19  19
A6 105 x 148 6 Rings 19  38
Half Letter 139.7 x 215.9 5.5 x 8.5 8 Discs
Mini HP 117.5 x 177.8 4.625 x 7 7 Discs
Personal Wide 120.65 x 171.45 4.75 x 6.75
6 Rings
19  50
FC Compact 108 x 171.45 4.25 x 6.75
6 Rings
19  50
B6 5 x 7
6 Rings
19 50
Classic HP 177.8 x 234 7 x 9.25 9 Discs


Louis Vuitton Agendas

  • Large / GM Agenda: A5 size inserts
  • Medium / MM Agenda: Personal size inserts
  • Small / PM Agenda: Pocket size inserts 



**Measurements are of the distance between each ring and each set of rings. Most ring planners will have two sets of three rings. Each of the three rings in one set are 19mm apart. The distance between the two set of rings will vary. For example, personal rings have a distance of 50mm between the two set of three rings. A5 have a distance of 70mm between the two set of three rings.




  • For A6 Planner cover owners, please double check your ring size. There are many imported planner covers from China labeled as A6 but are actually personal size. The reason for this is that in China, the actual A6 size is called “奇葩 A6 (weird/odd A6?)” and “A6” is used for personal size. Confusing indeed since A6 is an international paper size! 

  • Our A6 inserts are a true to size (105 x 148mm) and will only fit in an actual A6 planner cover. For examples of true A6 planners, see A6 planner covers from Mulberry, VanDerSpek and Gillio Firenze. Ring spacing: 38mm between the 2 set of 3 rings.


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Introducing our minimalist Sinking Funds Planner Insert, designed to provide a clean and simple aesthetic while helping you conquer your specific sinking fund. Whether you're saving for a home renovation, a dream wedding, or a once-in-a-lifetime trip, this dedicated insert combines simplicity and functionality to empower you in achieving your financial goals with precision and clarity.

  • Printed Planner Inserts
  • Design Ref: MN171


  • Fund: Easily record the name of your sinking fund to differentiate it from other goals.
  • Goal Amount: Set a specific target for your sinking fund by noting down your desired amount.
  • Start Date: Record the date you begin your sinking fund to track progress and duration.
  • Goal Date: Set a target completion date by noting down when you aim to achieve your goal.
  • Completed On: Celebrate your achievement by recording the date you reach your sinking fund goal.


    • Date: Easily record the date of each sinking fund transaction for a clear chronological record.
    • Amount: Track the specific monetary value of deposits, withdrawals, and contributions.
    • Balance: Stay updated on your sinking fund's current balance with an automatically calculated column.
    • Notes: Add relevant details and reminders about transactions with a dedicated notes section.

        Handmade in our Studio

        MN171 - Sinking Funds
        MN171 - Sinking Funds Sale price$18.00 CAD