How to Print Planner Inserts

There are several options when it comes to printing your printable planner inserts. At 8Lotus, we offer files that allows you to print on A4 / US Letter Paper or Planner Paper already cut to size.

Printing on A4 / US Letter 

  1. Open your file with the free  Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Copies: Optional
  3. Pages: Select All (for Duplex printing) or odd pages only (for non-duplex printing)
  4. Page Size and Handling: Actual Size
  5. Orientation: Auto Portrait / Landscape
  6. If you are duplex printing, your printer should have printed both sides of the paper for you. For non-duplex printing, flip your page or paper stack and print again with even pages only. Depending on your printer, your pages will be flipped differently, please test it out first.