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Welcome to our online boutique, since 2018 our family owned studio has been dedicated to the design and production of minimalist aesthetic stationery. We are always learning new skills and continue to make upgrades to our technology and equipment. This is all made possible by your support, so from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

The meaning behind 8LOTUS (verbally, eight lotus or infinite lotus). 8= Infinite, Lotus= Prosperity. We hope to spread infinite prosperity through the use of our products. 


Quality & Craftsmanship

Products are crafted carefully at our studio in small batches or made to order. Materials are selected with intention, of the finest quality and made in USA. Every product created by 8LOTUS are backed with a 1 year warranty covering any defects.



  • Planner Paper: Used in our planner inserts, notepads and notebooks. This is a specialty 32lb paper that is unique for it’s silky smooth surface. 
  • Matte Plastic: Used in our dashboards and thin dividers. This ultra thin, translucent material brings a luxurious finish to your planner set up without adding bulk. Layering is a dream as there is no visible paper fibers. This material will have a consistent look throuhgout and there are no black or brown dots that may appear in our other translucent materials.

  • Cloud Vellum: Used in our dashboards, this beautiful cloudy white material is a less translucent layering choice. This materials contains fibers that may appear as brown or black dots. 

  • Translucent Vellum: Used in our dashboards. If you prefer a paper feel for you dashboards, this is an alternative to our matte plastic material that offers a similar translucent feel. This materials contains fibers that may appear as brown or black dots. 135GSM.

  • Light Weight Card Stock: Used in our planner cards and dashboards. This premium light weight 65lb card stock is perfect for decorating your agenda without adding too much bulk and prevent damage when placing these in the card slots of your planner cover. Thicker material can create creased lines over time.
  • Medium Weight Card Stock: Used in the backing of our twin loop wire bound notebooks and dashboards. These stunning 110-135lb card stocks comes in a variety of textures and adds protection to the writing paper inside. 

  • Heavy Weight Card Stock: Used in our page lifters, these are 165 heavy card stocks that will provide protection for your planner inserts at the very back of your planner.


  • Our sticky notes are proudly made in the USA by Post It.


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