Our New Affiliate Program

We are always looking for planner-passionate individuals to help us share our products. While our affiliates don't receive any free products or paid advertisements, we share with them a 8%+ commission on each sale made through their link or coupon. 


  • Commissions starting at 8% on each sale
  • Access to real-time reporting & sales tracking
  • Unique affiliate coupon code: tracks your sale when an order is placed using your code
  • Unique affiliate link: tracks sales through your affiliate link even when an order is placed using 8LOTUS sale and promotion codes.
  • Use your coupon or link when placing your order for 16% off (8% off and 8% back in commission)
  • To keep your coupon code and affiliate account active:
    • Current 8LOTUS customer with at least 1 order in the past 3 months
    • Quality planner related Instagram account with a minimum following of 1000. 
    • Affiliate to a maximum of 3 planner insert related brands. Including 8LOTUS.
    • Once per month: Permanent content via Instagram Post / Reel or Youtube Video with focus on 8LOTUS products.
    • Once per Week: Content via Instagram stories sharing 8LOTUS products, promotions, etc.



    • Available commissions of $50+ will be sent through Paypal the first week of each month. Please note that commissions becomes available after 1 month to account for returns and cancellations.
    • We reserve the right to remove or deactivate any accounts that no longer meets the affiliate requirements.
    • We reserve the right to remove any accounts  affiliated with unethical brands / activity.