How to Print Planner Inserts

There are several options when it comes to printing your printable planner inserts. At 8Lotus, we offer files that allow you to print on A4 / US Letter Paper or Planner Paper already cut to size.

Printing on A4 / US Letter 

  1. Open your file with the free  Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Copies: Optional
  3. Pages: Select All (for Duplex printing) or odd pages only (for non-duplex printing)
  4. Page Size and Handling: Actual Size
  5. Orientation: Auto Portrait / Landscape
  6. If you are duplex printing, your printer should have printed both sides of the paper for you. For non-duplex printing, flip your page or paper stack and print again with even pages only. Depending on your printer, your pages will be flipped differently, please test it out first.

Printer Quality

For best results, use a quality high DPI color printer.


Printing on Planner Size Paper

  • To change and / or create the paper size, click on "Page Setup"