MN068 - Daily Time Box - Half Hour - PDF


Minimalist design elements, printable daily time box planner inserts.

  • Printable Planner Inserts
  • Design Ref: MN068
  • Inspired by Elon Musk's technique
  • Today: Used to write down the Month, Day, Year, weather, highlights etc.
  • Schedule: 24 Hour Time blocking with half-hour sections
  • Brain Dump: Thoughts and ideas throughout the day
  • Notes: Important things to remember 
  • Mirrored layout for easy access to writing areas


Some designs are released in a few sizes only. To request a design in another size, please select the size request option or visit this page. Please allow up to 15 business days for size requests.

High quality printable PDF files available instant download after checkout. Single page for printing on planner sized paper. Two (four for pocket and pocket plus sizes) on a page with trim marks.

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