How to Print Planner Inserts

At 8Lotus, we offer files that allow you to print on A4 / US Letter Paper or pre-cut planner paper.

Printing on A4 / US Letter 


Duplex Printers

  1. Open your file with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Pages to Print: Select the pages you want to print
  3. Page Size and Handling: Actual Size 
  4. Orientation: Auto Portrait / Landscape
  5. Make sure print on both sides of paper is selected: Select Flip on long edge if the document preview shows a portrait orientation. Select Flip on short edge if the document preview shows a landscape orientation


Non-Duplex Printers

  1. Open your file with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Pages to Print: We recommend testing with one page first, you can do this by inputing pages "1-2" instead of "all"
  3. More Options: Select odd pages only
  4. Page Size and Handling: Actual Size 
  5. Orientation: Auto Portrait / Landscape
  6. Once you printed the odd pages, flip your paper and print again with even pages only along with the same settings you used previously. 


Printer Quality

For best results, use a quality high DPI color printer. Do not use a monochrome printer as these printers will not be able to print grey elements of our design.


Printing on Planner Size Paper

  • Use the PDF document with a single planner page with or without trim marks
  • To change and / or create the paper size, click on "Page Setup" 
  • Follow the same instructions for duplex or non-duplex printer above.